Bobbie Smulders Freelance Software Developer

Reverse engineering the Polycom CX300 USB phone

Close-up of the Polycom CX300 display

I’ve recently purchased the Polycom CX300 USB phone which works with Skype for Business out of the box. But with all this technology accessible via USB I was keen to figure out if I could use it for other purposes. How can I interface with this phone outside of Skype?

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Serverless IoT with CouchDB and the ESP8266

WEMOS D1 mini Pro and DHT Shield

I’ve recently dipped into IoT and was overwhelmed with the options from companies such as Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. They have great solutions for big corporate projects but seem to need a lot of configuration and knowledge setting everything up. With my recent experience in CouchDB and serverless applications I decided to try something new: Serverless IoT. Is it possible to capture sensor data and plot the data on a chart with just an instance of a CouchDB database running?

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Upgrading the MacBook Pro 13" Early 2011


Being unimpressed with the 2016 MacBook Pro line-up, I decided to upgrade my MacBook Pro 13” Early 2011 so that I could keep using it a little longer. There are a couple of upgrades available that are worthwhile to get the best performance out of your MacBook.

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Serializing Leaflet Draw layers


On a project I recently worked on, I used Leaflet.draw to draw polygons and rectangles on a map. Leaflet.draw is perfect for this task but does not support storage of these objects out-of-the-box. I solved this issue by using the draw:edited, draw:deleted and draw:created events to store the objects to a database using a REST API.

To save everyone else the frustration of having to figure this out, I created a project called Leaflet Draw Serialize Demo that demonstrates how to use these events to save the drawn objects to an external service using a REST API. The interesting stuff is in the front-end javascript.

Feel free to use this project as a reference for your own implementation.